Reset password

Hello there Id like to reset my password on my eMclient account please as Im unable to sign in and would like to send emails ive forgotten my username too so if you can help me out I`d appreciate it yours,Steven Paul Brady cheers <3

Ive also clicked on the link someone sent me a while ago and it never worked if you can help me out I`d appreciate it ta <3

You can text me or ring me on 07739487099 too <3 it maybe quicker as I may not be on here for a while and need to send emails cheers yours,Steve <3

What password are you asking about Steve?

  1. Password for your email account? For this you will have to contact your email provider. Most have a password reset link on their webmail signin.

  2. Password for your eM Client Pro Licence? This you can reset on the License Manager page. The credentials will be resent to the registered email address.

  3. Or password that you set for accessing the em Client application? This cannot be reset. You will need to delete the eM Client settings. To do this, close eM Client, then deleteĀ  C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\settings.dat. Delete any other settings files as well. Then restart eM Client.