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I know this has been discussed in the past, but there was not a solution to the whole request for resending the original email to the original email receipients, the forward as original is ok if you forget to include someone, but it is not the same as resend email which includes all the same receipients, attachments, retains date, time and header details. 

Why can’t this be addressed instead of just saying “we have forward as original” From a small search there are a lot of users asking for this to be implemented.

I would tend to agree that this would be a helpful feature.  Particularly if the original send fails for some reason.

Well, MS doesn’t have a resend feature in either, (at least that I’ve found), and it’s “sorta” in the actual Outlook client (assuming a MS Exchange Server or O365 back-end).

I’m guessing that it won’t be added any time soon (although I personally agree with the OP).

Kevin,  I am not referring to the web version of Outlook, until I switched I was using Outlook in the Offfice 365 package and there was a resend and a recall menu item. I have uninstalled the suite to save space. here is the menu options in Office 365 installed on a friends laptop. It can be added

Yeah, that would be an excellent feature. I use this “Resend” a lot in outlook. As a matter of fact, I was trying to resend an email message and couldn’t. This is why I am here to try to find an answer.

If you want to resend an email from your Sent folder, just copy that sent email to the Outbox and it will resend it to the original recipients. A duplicate of the original.

eM Client’s Forward as Original is usually applied to a received message in your Inbox that you want to send to someone else and have it appear as coming from you. It does the same as Forward, just without the Forward Header in the email body. It is not the same as resend, so saying we have Forward as Original , is not a valid response to the user’s requests for a resend option.

I would also welcome a resend option in eM Client.

Hello all,

Thank you for your contribution.

I will change the topic to Idea so other users can add their comments and votes for this issue and I will add it to our requested Idea pool where we choose features for new releases.


I would like to add my vote for a true “Resend” feature. I’ve been a Thunderbird user for many years and found it extremely useful. Often, it’s because of a typo in the recipient’s email address. A simple edit and re-send takes seconds.

It really would be a handy feature to have.


If you use Forward as Original , you can simply retype the address then click Send.

If you want to resend the message without any changes, just copy it to the Local Folders  Outbox.

Resend was a strong feature of the famous Pegasus mail. I miss it every day and ask myself why the author cannot add so simple and useful feature. 

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It’s sound like the ex users of thunderbird need this functionality (Ctrl E).
There is a couple of basics features which are absents in emclient and It’s a bit incredible !