Hi, I am missing the ability to right click on a sent email and RESEND.
What is this best manner to simplifiy this process avoiding need to re-address emails that are just forwarded as originals in absence of a resend function?

I am afraid, so far the best way is to forward it as original as you mentioned. We will add it to our official feature requests list and we will consider that.

Hi Gabriel,
Thanks for the reply.
No quick add-on to allow resend? Even my blackberry has this!
Also, until such time I have been ‘fwding as original’ then copy all
email addresses and pasting to fwded msg the same email addresses
to resend; however, when I paste the email addesses the ‘;’ turns to a ‘,’
and subsequently disallows sending email until I manually replace the , with ;
or past each recipient address one by one.
Lots of manual work that seemingly could/should be automated…
Why am I constantly resending email? I think the medium has lost some
of it’s precious consideration by recipients due to proliferation of spam.
Resend is a part of life, just electronic follow-up.
Let me know your suggested work-around till a solution is in place.
Regards, Brian

I tested it (send with copied addresses with , between them) and it sent OK. What email server and eM Client version do you use? Maybe some video of the “; to ,” issue would be helpful.

Would really like to see the resend functionality added as well. I used this feature quite often in Outlook for various reasons and was quite disappointed to find that eM Client is missing this. Seems like a pretty standard feature in most other email clients. Any update as to when this may be added?

Hi This is a must feature I use it all the time any update if this will be added