resend e-mails with eM Client

How can I resend E-Mail from the sent-folder to the same adress?
The probelm: once the E-Mail has been sent, I want to modify the content and re-send it to the same adressee. How to do this with eM-Client (worked fine with Thunderbird)…
Second question: Plain text-mails do not show in one window. The text flows over the sreen

Hello Stephanus,

Try this:

  1. highlight message you want to resend in the “Sent” folder

  2. click on the down arrow to the right of “Forward” on the tool-bar

  3. click on “Forward as Original”

I think this will do what you want

Hi Stephanus,
the closest you can get to the resending is as Norman above mentions, click the sent mail and use the Forward dropdown menu and Forward as original. You will still need to copy the recipients address back in, however. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.
As for the second issue, could you perhaps provide an eml file with this issue and send it to with a link to this forum thread so I can examine the file and get back to you here?


The ‘Downside’ of Forwarding is that the original sent date/timestamp is not shown on the forwarded version - so receivers have no ‘proof’ the email was actually sent the first time. A ‘Re-send’ however, does display this information.

This functionality (re-send) is MUCH needed.

I would very much like a Resend feature as well. I occasionally type an e-mail address incorrectly so the first e-mail bounced. I would like to easily replace the e-mail but have all the delivery information be correct and copying and pasting the whole e-mail, attachments included) all over again will work but it sometimes time consuming.

All you need to do is click on the down arrow at the top right of the message, select forward, then forward as original.  Enter the correct email address and then send.  Much easier than cut and paste.