Requesting "New Event From Email" in Actions Menu

We have “New Meeting” and “New Task”. Why not “New Event”?


Hi Johny, not sure what you mean, the Actions menu is different for every view, in Mail view the first item on the list is “New Mail Message”, in Calendar view it’s “New Event” and in Task view it’s “New Task”.
So what/where exactly are you missing the option?

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Are you familiar with eM Client? It’s an email application.

When viewing an email in the preview pane, look at the Actions menu.

Yes, just as I said, in the Mail view… That’s where all your emails are visible… In the actions menu, you see “New mail message”, that’s because you’re in Mail view.
If you click on the arrow next to “New”, you can see all the other options like New… Mail, New…Event, New…Task… etc.

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As I explained in other topics, currently only meetings can be created from messages as the sender of the email is automatically added to the attendees list.
We’re currently not considering adding “Create Event from Message” option.

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