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I would like to change the sound file for “incoming mail”.
Can some kind person provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this on a Mac desktop computer?

My quess.
Pre steps.
0.1: make backup
0.2: drag present file, “new_mail.wav” some place, like desktop.


  1. create a wav file no more than 2 sec.
  2. Label this file: new_mail.wav
  3. Drop this wav file into the “Sound” folder: > Contents > Resources > Sound

Is this correct? If not, what more should I do/be aware of?

Thank you kindly.

All you need to do is specify the sound file of your choice in Settings (Preferences on Mac).

You do that by clicking on this button:

Hi Gary, thank you for your reply.
Yes, I understand how to do that. However, that’s not my question.
I wanted to know “the proper way” to add and/or replace a sound file and I laid out what I think is the way to do it.

Sorry if my post wasn’t clear about that.

In summary:
I’d like to know if…

  1. It’s possible to add a new sound file… if so…
  2. How is it done?

sábado 01 octubre 2022 :: 1438hrs (UTC +07:00)

Hey @Fillip

Yes, you can use any compatible sound file.
Place the sound file you want to use in the eMC sound folder and use the method shown by @Gary to select and save

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Gracias skibat! ٩(^ᴗ^)۶