Request: Display the 'Outbox' folder when local folders are disabled

For those people using IMAP or Exchange accounts, it is unlikely that they ever need or want to use Local folders. The problem is that if you disable them, it also hides the ‘Outbox’ folder which you occasionally do need to access when emails are unable to send.

Please make it so that the ‘Outbox’ folder always remains visible even when local folders are disabled. This will declutter the sidebar considerably. It can also be confusing for less technical users to have another Inbox that is never used - better to hide it.

Right-click on the Favorites folder and choose Display > Outbox.

If Favorites folders are not visible in the sidebar, you will need to enable them in Menu > Settings > General > General > Show Favorites folders.

Wow, that was kind of hidden. I have been using eM Client for years and did not know this.

It seems to me that a clean install should really have ‘Local Folders’ disabled by default, and have the ‘Outbox’ under ‘Favorites’ enabled. This would clean up the UI allot. Local folders create lots of problems, particularly for my less technical clients who I often discover have accidentally created new contacts and calendar events in the local folder instead of their online account folder.

If ‘Favorites’ is also disabled, is there no way to display the ‘Outbox’ anywhere? Is this a universal Outbox shared by all email accounts the user has set up?

The Outbox used by all accounts is the same Local Folder Outbox. It can only be displayed in Local Folders, or in the Favorites section.

On a clean install, the Local Folders need to be displayed because there are no accounts installed yet, so no folders. The user would be shown a blank screen in all sections, which would be confusing if someone wanted to look around before adding their accounts. We also wouldn’t have anywhere to display our welcome message. :wink:

Yeah, That is my wish as well. :+1:

However, if there are messages in the Outbox, the Favorites Outbox will display automatically, even if you haven’t enabled it.

When you first launch eM Client, it immediately has you add a new email account. Why not just put the welcome message in the Inbox for the new account. That is what other email clients do.

Well, that’s optional. The user may want to look around a bit before they add their accounts.

And some users, in the case of POP3 accounts, will use the unified Local Folders for their messages as well.

Also, a lot of users have contacts and calendars that they don’t sync with servers, and Local Folders need to be enabled for them to do that. If we disabled the Local Folders, they would not be able to see contacts and events.

Fortunately we do provide an option for you to disable them if you don’t want to see them.