I am switching from Thunderbird to eM Client which seems really nice.  However in Thunderbird using often the Reply-to field which is very useful, eg using a private email to answer a professional query and asking the person to answer to the professional address.  This feature does not seem to be implemented and does not seem to be so complicated to incorporate

Although the documentation is non-existent, this is what the Alias function does. It can be setup in Menu > Tools > Account. If setup only in eM Client, it will change the reply-to address but maintains the from address in sent emails. Unfortunately, unlike Thunderbird, you cannot add a new reply-to address on the fly; aliases have to be setup in advance.

Thanks for the rapid answer… It would be nice though to be apply on the fly but this helps. 

Daniel, I planned to move to emClient yesterday with 100,000+ mails from Thunderbird. I have been using Thunderbird for last 13-14 years and so far found emClient better in features than Thunderbird.
After spending several hours in migrating the emails, I was just about to dump emClient because of missing ‘reply-to’ feature.
Your reply helped a lot. The Alias feature appears to be more useful than Thunderbird’s ‘reply-to’.

I have been using MailDir in Thunderbird which stores each email as a separate file. Whereas emClient stores everything as one big .dat file which is approaching 20GB soon.
Hoping, that this should not use too much of laptop resources and increase the risk of corrupting the whole database as everything is in one file. I use pop3 not imap.

Hi there, could anyone confirm or deny if this Alias thing exists in eM Client 8? Wasn’t able to find it either in the menu or in help… Maybe there’s another way to implement Reply-To in eM Client 8?

Yes aliases can be configured in your Account settings.

Go to Menu > Accounts, then in the General tab you will see an aliases button next to your email address.

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Ah yes, thanks - see it now, it’s light gray on white for some reason, so pretty much invisible to someone foolish enough to expect a more or less standard UI from “The Best Email Client for Windows and Mac” :wink:
UPD: Figured it out - thanks again! You need to select your newly added alias as “From” at the very top when composing new mail.

I guess that depends on what theme you are using. In the default Modern Theme it is quite visible.


Spot on again! Here’s how it looks in the “Classic” theme I am using:

Apparently my eye is trained to ignore the greyed out (=disabled) stuff unless I am told where specifically to look…

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FINALLY we can now add a reply-to address on-the-fly in version 8.2!

It would have been easier as a box the same as the ‘from’ field etc but at least it is now there!

I have been following em client for years waiting until they have the full feature set I need. Nearly there!

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