Reply to several back-and-forth emails sometimes not working.

I am using my gmail account  in eM Client to send and receive email and a second account (SMTP only) to send emails. With my SMTP-only account to send, replies (or reply all) to an ongoing email will not get sent UNLESS I add my name (my gmail account) to the recipient list (CC or BC). I thought this had been working properly before, I just started using this program a couple weeks ago.

I use gmail to filter all incoming mail and remove spam but want to use my personal SMTP account to send emails.

Hello Mike, not really sure what you’re suggesting you can use a SMTP only account for sending messages, however you can not reply from it if you have no receiving account, for that the message must be received by one of your other accounts (thus maybe the necessity to add the account to cc/bcc).


Hi Paul,
Let me try to make sense of what I’m doing.
I set the IMAP and SMTP service for my gmail and my “personal” email account in eM Client but I disable the IMAP for my “personal” account to only use SMTP—I don’t want to directly receive email from my “personal” account. I do this to make use of gmail’s spam filter, which is excellent. In gmail settings, using a web browser to access gmail, I set it up so that gmail gets all of my email which is mostly my “personal” email since I rarely use my gmail address to send email. 
Therefore, when I send an email using eM Client. the receiver sees that it’s from my “personal” email address when I select that (not my gmail address) and when they reply it comes back to my “personal” email address (via gmail). This works fine when I send a new email with eM Client. It also works when I reply to a new email. It doesn’t seem to work if the email has gone back and forth a few times.


One other thing I noticed, when I reply to all (or one) in the multiple back and forth email, it is indicated in the eM Client email by the “You replied to this message…” but the reason I know it wasn’t sent is that it does not show up in the Sent folder.

Hello Mike, do you have the option “Save copy of sent message to “Sent” folder” enabled in your application settings under Tools > Settings > Mail > Send?

If you’re using Gmail, Gmail automatically adds sent mail based on what was received by the Mail Transfer Agent automatically, so there’s pretty much no chance of not saving the message on the server, can you make sure you’re checking the right sent folder (in some cases while using other apps with your account, multiple sent folders can be created by your email clients).


Yes, save to sent folder is selected and any email that I send that works goes there. It’s also the only Sent folder. Even so, it doesn’t seem right that replying to this long, back and forth email won’t get sent or end up in the Sent folder until I add my email or gmail to the CC or BCC (or probably the main To).

Just a thought here Mike. Gmail allows you to send as another email address, but you have to set it up and “validate” it in the gmail account settings via the web (otherwise gmail will auto-replace the “From” address to your gmail address). Then you can use gmail’s SMTP but send as another email address and there is no need for you to use your “personal” SMTP at all.

If you go to gmail -> Settings then “Accounts and Import” tab, you will see a “Send mail as” section where you can add an email address to “Send as”. Then set an alias in eM Client and use that alias to send. Just thinking this might achieve what you need in a really simple way? :slight_smile:

That would work for me and I have already setup my personal account in gmail. Did not notice aliases until I read this post. It still puzzles me how the other way won’t work under the circumstance I was having.
Thanks for all the help.

Glad you’ve found a solution on how to setup aliases for use with your account, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions regarding the application, we’ll be happy to help.