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I just upgraded because I saw that the 8.2.1193.0 version had support for Modifiable Reply-to headers.
This is just great! I’ve been waiting for this for quite some time.
There’s just one problem though.

I send a message from [email protected] with reply-to [email protected] so I can group related emails together.
The reply comes in and since my mailserver supports this, a new folder is automatically created.
I then want to reply to the incomming mail, and since the mail is sent to [email protected] it would’ve been really really great if the reply-to could be pre-filled with the same adress that the email is sent to.

To keep the konversation in the same folder, I have to go in and add the plus-address every time I reply to an email.
There should at least be an opt-in for this in the options - if +address is recognized, do you want to set that as reply-to header?
Or at the very least - a prompt that asks me if I want to when I click reply.

That’s the only thing missing for me right now from an otherwise perfect email client!
Thank you

If you add the address as an alias on your account in Menu > Accounts, it will automatically send from that address in future for anything you received on that address.

Yes, that would be a solution but I use it in almost every email I send out and I use different numbers for different conversations.
I upgraded yesterday and by now I have sent out email with 10 different +addresses. By the end of the month it will be maybe 50-60?
I can’t keep adding aliases for every email I send.

But thank you for your suggestion

I fully agree the inability to reply, forward, filter, or create a rule based on what aliases an email was sent to is at the point where I’m ready to find a new client. I’ve seen posts on this subject going back years and the issue has not been addressed. Except with condescending answers.
I will try to explain why this function impacts eMClient’s failure to fix/add this function. I have 2 email addresses on my server named "[email protected] (m@w for short) ( is not the real domain) and ([email protected] j@w for short,) any account for that website will have the URL/company of the website as my email address example [email protected]. the ability to do this is at least 5-fold.

  1. Any email from a sender not addressed to j@w drops into the m@w mailbox. I can easily identify, filter, or delete the email as desired without wasting time reading the email.
  2. Accidental side benefit any email intended for my personal address but is mistyped for example ([email protected]) will not get bounced back as undeliverable that email drops into the when I look in the m@w mailbox I can check it out and respond and mention what the correct address is.
  3. My personal/direct mailbox on any given day only gets 2-3 emails to j@w I know these are from family or friends and will be dealt with the highest priority.
  4. I quickly know from whom the email was sent when it drops into the m@w mailbox, I’ll know from what organization it was sent. Based on whom the email it is sent to I can act on, filter, delete, or whatever action I deem needed all without reading the email in many/most times.
    4a) There is a great side benefit for the addresses identified by company, If I get an email from let’s say [email protected] but the is from a different organization, I know my email address has been sold/shared. I’ll send an email to the original organization asking why, if I don’t find the reason, I block any future email from that address.
    I think I could fix this important function myself if had the time but I shouldn’t need to, I could create a macro so complex it would make me have a brain hemorrhage, But I would eventually complete the work. Until of course you update eMClient which will break all of my work forcing me to start all over. I can easily see a situation where I’m in the middle of working on a new macro to fix eMClient’s missing functions before I could finish, and I’ll need to start over.
    The macro would need to keep an external list of already created aliases, if reply/forward sender exists open drop-down menu of already existing alias’s select correct one (how I don’t know because aliases can’t be sorted alphabetically.) Pray to your selected faith, the correct reply/forward sender address is highlight. Hit enter manually check correct reply/forward is used then proceed with whatever your message was unless by now you forgot by now what the answer was.
    If established alias data base does not have a correctly formatted reply/forward address. Close already started reply message window, because you can’t create a new alias if a reply/forward message is open. Start reply/forward address function (I think very complex rule). Reopen reply/forward message god knows how the correct message for the reply was intended for can be done, finish your reply which is of course is just the word Yes, No, or Maybe. Add newly created reply/forward sender to external database of existing reply/forward senders.
    I respectfully ask that everything that follows is based on a person who is NOT a coder/programmer, I’m sure it is marginally simplistic and does not reflect the true difficulty of the required work needed. I do believe in a fundamental fact that computers were created to remove redundant functions. I regularly create macros for different forms I need filed out by let’s say every address for making online orders, which ask for the exact same information but in a different order than the vendor. (I personally think there should be established formats for forms like those used for new doctor, contact information or even loan applications.) I don’t know if this would fall under ISO or not but wouldn’t be a better world if it were true.)
    OR on your side,
    Select message for which you want to reply, default is to use address to which it was sent. No need to add to alias list at all. Make default address used bold type and flashing just incase you do want to use a different address from your alias list. Proceed with reply and send.
    I’m going to use this question in every forum thread that has been focused on this subject, please don’t consider this spamming. I simply want share with everyone wanting this function created/fixed to know how a solution could be addressed someone to provide a non-condescending answer with a real timeline for the fix.
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So what is the question, in 100 words or less?

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Destruct sequence 2, code 11 A2B.
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Code 000, Destruct, Zero.

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Would you consider adding the ability to select message for which you want to reply, making the default the address from which the incoming message was sent? This would not require adding to alias list at all. Perhaps when this function is being used provide some kind of warning just in case the user doesn’t want to use the default.

I’m NOT going to use this question in every forum thread that has been focused on this subject, please don’t consider this spamming.

85 words, not including the following, in a passive aggressive action I made the original post stupid long thinking if you were annoyed with how long it was you would have an understanding that those of us who really would like this function are also frustrated. I wish to apologize for my childish temper tantrum, Really, no joking.



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Destruct sequence 1, code 11A.
Destruct sequence 2, code 11 A2B.
Destruct sequence 3, code 1 B2B3.
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Last I checked I am still me, I’ll ask the other voices in my head If they agree.

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Thanks Jim

That makes sense now.

eM Client will reply to the message using the same address to which it was sent, only if that address is already setup in eM Client either as an account or as an alias. If the address is not setup like that, it will reply using the address for the account in whose folder the message is stored.

The problem with just replying using the address to which the message was sent, even when that address is not setup in eM Client, is that either the server may no accept the message when you send it because most servers require you to send from the address you login to their server with, or the message could be sent to someone else and just forwarded to you. If you reply using the other person’s email address, that might be considered fraud.

But at least make it an option for people who want this function.

You could analyze the sent-to address and if the address is not setup in eM client you could just display a warning, “this is an unknown address, do you want to send from [email protected]?”
And you could also make it a bit smarter and check if the address has a plus-sign (+), just filter that out and match what’s left with the addresses setup in eM Client.

For example, if the email is sent to [email protected] and you filter out +family then [email protected] will match with the addresses already set up and no warning needs to be shown and the sent from address (or reply-to address) will be set to the address that was sent to ([email protected])

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¿Qué tal? @Just_me

Su respuesta solo sirve para confirmar mis pensamientos originales.
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