reply to email with underscore in email address

When I try to reply to QNAP support whose email address is [email protected], EM Client strips the underscore resulting is the message being sent to [email protected] making it impossible to reply.



I sent a number of test emails to addresses with underscores, and it works just fine.

Check when you are addressing the message that eM Client is not offering address suggestions, and you are selecting one that does not have the underscore. These suggestions come from either your Contacts, or from the recipient history. You can clear or edit the recipient history in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Compose > Recipient History.

Always best to check just before you click on Send, that the address is as you desire. It cannot be changed after that.

The problem is not with sending, it is with replying. When you hit reply to an email that comes from an address containing an underscore EM Client strips the underscore silently. The result is an invalid address.

The message you received probably has a different from  than  reply-to address. If that is the case, I suggest you contact the sender and have them correct it.