Reply to a thread not showing in the Inbox

I replied to an e-mail thread (5 sent and received on the same thread between myself and one other person). I then subsequently moved that thread to a local folder. When the recipient replied, his reply appears in the thread in the local folder and not in the Inbox. There is also no unread flag on the message showing that his reply has not been read. I find I miss seeing a lot of replies to threads.

If you disable Conversations (Menu > View > Conversations) is this new message in the Inbox or the local folder?

local folder only

If this new email is in local folder only, then it will not be in Inbox. Does that make sense?

Jay Ogram recently explained about the bug with conversations in this post  That might be why you are not seeing new emails.

I am not certain that Jay’s comments explain my example. They may be related, but what he describes was not exactly my condition. He indicates: “… If a message arrives for a conversation that is highlighted in the message list, there will be no indication on that line that a new message has arrived.  …” In my case, the conversation existed in a local folder and WAS NOT highlighted in the message list. I could have been anywhere in the eM client, or not have even had the client open at the time the response arrived. In the specific case I cited, I was corresponding with one individual. We had e-mailed back and forth maybe 5 times. I was checking the thread in the local folder for other information when I discovered that he had responded to my latest response to him some two weeks prior. His response did not appear in the Inbox, nor was it ever indicated as an Unread message. (I scrolled completely through my Inbox to see if I had missed it somehow.) My normal practice is to delete unneeded messages or move them from both Sent and Inbox to local folders so that I don’t cutter up those two areas and for sake of organization. I am now wondering if moving from both Inbox and Sent is redundant (see next paragraph).

Incidentally, when I say “Inbox”, is that really just a label? Is “Sent” just a label as well? I presently have a conversation that appears both in the Inbox and in Sent. The thread is identical in both “places”. The last response was from the other person so I would have thought that his response would normally reside just in “Inbox” as is the case with other e-mail clients I have used such as MS Outlook, or Thunderbird. Every aspect of the conversation is identical in both places including all of the individual messages, dates, and mail count.

Is this behavior an Imap thingy as opposed to Pop, or is it related to the eM client itself? The email clients that I used previously (Outlook and Thunderbird) were both configured as Pop3, so I don’t have any context to compare.

One other question. What makes an e-mail thread (or message) a “conversation”? When there is a response from either the sender or the recipient? Or does there have to be a third response from one of the parties?

eM Client definitely has real folders for Inbox and Sent or any others that you create. A conversation will list all emails in that conversation regardless of what folders the emails are in. So it will include emails from Inbox, Sent, Drafts, as well as that special project folder where you have filed things away. So when you view the conversation in Sent, it should include the same massages as when you view it in Inbox.

eM Client uses a combination of information in the email header to determine if an email is part of a conversation. In particular, In-Reply-To: Reference: and to some extent Subject: and MessageID:. 

I played around with the settings and changed it to disable conversations. That gives me the view that I was familiar with. But … that still doesn’t explain why a message moved to a local folder that is subsequently responded to (with “show conversations in all views” enabled) isn’t indicated in any fashion the new response is received. I do not know if disabling conversations will fix this anomaly or not … I’ll have to wait and see … or do some testing.

I did find that when I disabled conversations and then moved a thread from Sent (the older thread) and also moved the same thread from Inbox (the newest thread with one more response), both message threads appeared in the local folder, and the older iterations of the thread also appeared in both Sent and Inbox.  When I enabled  “show conversations in all views”, these two threads collapsed into one in the local folder and the older iterations disappeared from both Sent and Inbox.

So I am finding that “Conversation” view serves to clean things up a bit, now that I know what is happening. They just need to fix that issue of a new addition to the conversation not being highlighted or otherwise indicated if the conversation has moved to a local folder.

If I learn anything more from testing, I’ll respond to this forum. Perhaps it may be instructive for other users.

There is a possibility that a response to a message might not be included in the conversation if the replier did not click reply, but created a new message with the same subject. Or if somehow their email client did not correctly create the header. That would most easily be confirmed by looking at the message header and not seeing either of the In-Repy-To or References tags.