Reply threaded conversation in received emails?

Is there a way to get my replies to be included on received emails?


I receive an email, it is in my Inbox
I then reply to that email. I now have my email in my Sent Box
However when i look at the original email i received, i do not see MY response, i only get a "You replied to this message on " at the top… but i do not get a thread of any sort of the “conversation”.

Is there a way, that when i look at the original email that is in my inbox, i get a threaded conversation (including my replies etc)? The default Gmail WebClient does this automatically, and it really is the ONLY “feature” i can find that eM Client does not replicate.

Otherwise i LOVE this client…


Unfortunately threaded conversation has been postponed to 7th vesion.


Jan I am really sorry to hear this. I encourage you guys to stop any and all development work and focus on threading until it’s capable. This is a complete deal breaker. I have been following you guys since v5 or so and simply can’t use the product without threading. Looking forward to v7 …

Do not worry we know that users wants it, it will be implemented as soon as possible.


Jan, has this feature been pushed out to production yet?

Hi Pam, conversation view is currently under development and should be included in future releases of eM Client.

Thank you for understanding,

The lack of threaded conversiotions is a dealbreaker for me.
I might come back to eM
when its available

Haha sorry to be a part of the pitchfork-weilding mob, but I totally agree!  I’m so surpised that this isn’t included already, as it’s even available in most browser-based email clients.

can you give us an idea of when to expect version 7?

Hi Matthew, version 7 is expected to be released in Q2 2015.


I honestly agree that threaded conversation (indented outline form) is critical for usability.


This feature will be a part of an upcoming release, unfortunately the development process has taken some time and we’re still working on this feature, but conversation view is an official feature of the eM Client 7, that will be released this Summer.

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Thank you all,