"reply" not working properly after upgrade

I’ve raised a ticket but I’m wondering if others are having similar problems (which have now got so bad that for the moment I’ve reverted to my old email client Postbox). Since the recent upgrade the program frequently hangs as soon as I hit the “reply” button. With other mails the reply form comes up ok but after I’ve typed a couple of lines - and perhaps it’s tried to sync with my IMAP folders, I can’t type in the form any more … though i can copy the text I’ve already written and the rest of the program doesn’t appear to have frozen. I’m posting this here in case others are having similar problems. I’m waiting to hear back from support and I really hope it’s just an easily fixed bug, because although my alternative client, Postbox, is also good, it doesn’t really cover the same ground.

Hello Paul,
I have sent a reply to your ticket in the support system. I am sure we’ll be able to resolve the issue.