Reply indicator

I just started using em Client today (v7.1), and so far so good except the list of emails, I don’t see any sort of indicator to show that I’ve replied to each email.  Only when I click on a particular email can I see that I’ve replied.  This is the only thing I miss so far after switching from Thunderbird.  

Maybe I just need to get used to looking at the count on the right, although that is sometimes populated for group emails where I still have not replied.

You need the “Icon” column visible on your list of emails.
It shows a curved arrow when you have replied.

That’s what I figured but it never shows anything for me in that column. Maybe it’s an IMAP issue?

I just did a test where I sent myself three emails from another gmail account to my main gmail account.  I replied to one from eM Client, one from Thunderbird and one from iPhone.

iPhone and Thunderbird show all three as replied, but eM Client doesn’t show it for any of them.

Here is a screenshot.  I tried multiple themes as well thinking maybe the arrow was black.

This is due to the conversation mode in 7.x.  It copies the Gmail model of having multiple emails on the same line in the message list pane.  As a result, the arrows are meaningless as there is no indication which email has been replied to.  You will note that this indicator appears at the top of the reading pane message if a message has been replied to or forwarded.

There are a couple of workarounds:

  1.  Go to menu/tools/settings/mail/read and select “Show conversations in message detail only” (or something like that-- I’m on a linux machine and doing this by memory…).  this will show one line for each message received in the message list, but will still display the conversation in the reading pane.

  2.  In the same menu location, select "Disable conversations.

Both of these will allow display of the desired arrows.

Ah that makes sense.

Selecting “Show conversations in message detail only” did the trick.  Got my reply icons back, including the ones I didn’t reply to from eM Client so it’s all good.

Nice that I am still able to leave conversation mode on in the reading pane too.

One minor thing. When I change this option, I lose my smart folders until I close and re-open the app. I don’t expect to change this often but might be worth a look for the next update.

Thanks Jay and Paul.

Jay Ogram, about “the arrows are meaningless as there is no indication which email has been replied to”.

Couldn’t the arrows always describe the last action done in the conversation.

I suppose.  Does that mean if I reply and a new email is received, the arrow disappears?  Seems a little confusing.  Please note that the reply status does appear just below the header of the email.