Reply all toolbar specification


I am a new user, and so far all good - apart from two niggles.

The first one is the inability to set the default ‘first action’ in the top RHS of the message pane. By default, the button is ‘reply’, with a drop down menu that allows ‘reply all’, ‘forward’ etc.

I would like to modify this so that the first action is ‘Reply all’

In the meantime, I need to learn to hit the reply all button on the main (central) toolbar, but have found myself hitting the rhs button and thus losing people off the thread. 



Hello Steve,

The first issue has a simple solution. You can just right-click on the toolbar and press Customize. In the next window you can revert the order of those two buttons.

The second issue has the same solution. Also right-click and Customize.

I hope this helped you.



I don’t mean the toolbar at the top, I mean the dropdown menu at the top right of the message area, which has an icon, then a drop down menu.  Pressing the icon ‘replies’ to the message.  The dropdown shows Reply, then Reply All, etc.

What I would like is to be able to change the action of the icon to ‘Reply All’.

Hello Steve,

Unfortunately, we don’t offer the possibility to change the order of this toolbar.

As a substitution, I would recommend using the shortcut to Reply All. The default shortcut is: Ctrl+Shift+R but it can be customised according to your needs in Menu > Tools > Settings > Shortcuts.


Any plan to offer this feature? It is a rather big gap.

I’d like to add my vote to this feature request (Is there a way of doing so?)

I’ve recently moved to em-client and am very impressed other than this niggle which has on more than one occasion cased me to send email to a single recipient when they should have gone to a wider audience.


I’d like to see this as well.

I’m voting too. Has this still not been added? It’s a basic customization and even available on Gmail web app as a setting…

I fully support Kyle!