Replies to email that has been previously read, is shown as read. This is with an outlook account

When I receive replies to emails that have been previously read, it is shown as read. This is with an outlook account

Hi Ricky,

Do I understand correctly that this happens with the conversation mode enabled? 
Please make sure that you don’t have the rule “Mark messages as read” set in Menu > Tools > Rules. Also make sure that you don’t have this account set on another device where you read the emails. 


I have this account on my phone and on my desktop, but will happen even when I don’t check my mail on the phone.
There are no rules setting messages as read.What is conversation mode?I have the smart folders enabled.

Conversation mode is when related messages are grouped together-- including both sent and received items.  By default, eM Client groups all related messages on one line in the message list.  The problem is, if a message is highlighted and a new related message is received, it may get marked as read and could be missed. To work around, you can do one of the following:

1.  Change the conversation mode to list all messages individually in the message list, but still group them together in the reading pane.  Go to  menu/view/conversations and check “Show messages in conversation detail only” or

2.  Turn off conversations completely by going to menu/view/conversations and check “Disable conversations”