Replies on CALDAV invitations from office365/Exchange are not sent

After update to the latest version of Emclient 9.2, my replies on CALDAV calendar invitations sent from Microsoft exchange/Office 365 calendars do not reach the sender. When replying from my webmail it works, and when replying on invitations from and gmail accounts may replies also reaches the sender.

Anyone who has the same problem, or even better has a suggestion for solution.


The change when you accept or decline the invitation should be sent back to the organiser of the event by your CalDAV server, not eM Client.

If you have a Pro license, please open a support ticket with us, and we can look at some logs to see where this is failing.

Yes, of course. I use a Baikal server. However, when replying on an invitation in emClient, either by right clicking on the RSVP icon and selecting an answer from there, or select an answer in the invitation email by clicking on the buttons there, the response reaches the sender.

However, when replying on the same invitation using my webmail interface for the same email account, OR answering the same email on my iOS device, the reply reaches the sender without problem.

This seems only affect MS Echange/Office365 accounts. When sending an invitation to me from e.g. an or gmail account, and answer in emClient the sender receives an answer on the invitation.

The other way around, everything works fine. I.e., if I send an calender invitation to an arbitrary account from emClient the invitation reaches the recipient, and their replies reaches me.

Moreover, when changing the status of an event directly in the emClient calendar, the reply to the sender is sent and reaches even senders from Exchange/Office365 accounts. From my perspective, it seems like a bug in emClient as the same function provides different results depending on how it is initiated in emClient.