"Replied" marking is missing :-(

I just from thunderbird to eM Client.
All is cool but one thing iam missing is that there is no info shown if I already replied to a mail.
Iam using the conversations-mode - which I really need.

I read that there is no “replied” marking at all. But I don’t know how you deal with it?
I always need to read the text of the mails to see if I already replied or not.

Is there any “plugin” or “addon” available to have the “replied” marking back like in thunderbird?
Or is it possible to archive the mail automatically once the mail had been ansered?


When you reply to a message, this line is added to the original:

Additionally in version 9 we introduce thread views in the message list, and you will be able to see the expected icon there:


In version 8 you will need to disable conversations to see the icon in the message list.

Cool. Thanks. I changed this and now I can see a reply button.

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A simple “Show Reply” feature would be nice, that would open the reply separately