Replace invite with invitation

Is there any way to address the incorrect grammar used in the pop-up question about sending a copy of a calendar event to a participant. I have searched the registry, app data and em-client program folders for the word ‘invite’ so sadly maybe it’s embedded in the application binaries.

Can you screenshot the popup Question and paste it in this thread. Blank out anything personal.

The word ‘invite’ appears on the option buttons, but obviously space is not the issue as the item removal buttons have room for the word ‘cancellation’ which has more letters. It’s a small issue but it’s just another example of the degradation of English language - and it’s unnecessary.



Invite and Invitation:

“Invite” (accent on the second syllable) is perfectly standard as a verb:

“Invite me to the birthday party and I’ll jump out of the cake.”

But “invite” (accent on the first syllable) as a noun meaning “invitation” is less acceptable: “I got an invite to my ex-wife’s wedding.”

Though this form has become extremely popular, even in fairly formal contexts, it is safer to use the traditional “invitation.”

Modern and ancient usage of invite as Merriam-Webster describes is also acceptable, and currently invite is much more widely used in software.

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miércoles 10 abril 2024 :: 1223hrs (UTC +0100)

Maybe there was a hidden meaning…


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