Repeating schannel error event id 36887

Hi, I have been using eM Client for some while now and find it great. However it has started throwing repeated errors (thousands of them) to the point when the machine bogs down.

This happens on two machines, my desktop and my laptop.

It seems to be connected to the TLS connection to Owncloud which I use to sync my Calendar and Contacts vis CalDav/Cardav, as when I connect via http not https it seem to go away.

However the whole thing is rather random, as it seems only to occur after the machine has returned from sleep, and while this happens most of the time it can occasionally work first up.

It has never occurred when I reboot the machine.

I have tried upgrading the .net to 5.42 with no effect.

The machine are Windows 8.1 patched automatically. eM Client is 6.0.21040.0.

The System log shows “A fatal alert was received from the remote endpoint. The TLS protocol defined fatal alert code is 40.”

Please help as I have 81,595 of these showing today!

By a process of trial and error (mainly error) it seems that this is connected to my use of Cloudflare SSL. As soon as I paused this the problem went away (and has stayed that way for a day so far) - fingers crossed

Hi Alastair, I’m afraid this might be a server issue which you should report to the OwnCloud vendor of your Mail service system.
You can however try to update your eM Client to this release and check if the issue persists, .

If it does, please make a screenshot of the error and when it occurs, please switch to the log tab, copy the content of log and post it here on the forum for more information about this issue.

Thank you,