Repeating reminders - ad infinitum

I get repeated reminders for past appointments - 5/6 days overdue appointments (although more recent appointments not repeating- repeats every 3 secs after dismissing

Please install this version of eM Client:… it fixes the issue.

Nope, Didn’t help. I un-installed the previous version and installed the above version. Still the same message every 3 seconds.

Oh, and my calendar has lost all appointments - except the two it keeps reminding me about

OK, I’ve looked at a previous problem where you recommend waiting for release 5. Is that it?

I’ve cleared the reminder problem by going back and deleting the offending appointments.

My calendar still doesn’t sync with google calendar, even though I clicked on “use these credentials” under accounts-calendar.

Yes, we made a few changes so it should be already fixed in the version 5.0.

No pressure, but when can we expect release 5?

Beta version should be released in a few hours/days.

I call BS.

Any news about v5 release?…