repeated update notification

For a few months now i have recieved a notification that there is an available update with the following information.

6.0.21040.0     (2014-10-16 10:46:31 AM)

  • A few bug fixes

6.0.21034.0     (2014-10-15 02:51:50 PM)

  • Fixed a few Microsoft Exchange issues
  • Fixed an occasional issue when sending a really large image attachment.
  • Fixed a splitter issue when using Surface PRO 3 with large DPIs
  • Other fixes

if i select to download it, everything seems to go smoothly. but after some time the checking for update tells me the same thing again. today i have downloaded and installed the setup from the website.  after i select check for updates, it still gives me the notification.

the about box say that the current version is 6.0.20990.0.

why is it not updating? how can i fix it?

Hi Lawrence, are you using any firewall/proxy software on your computer? Can you please try to update your client using this installer and check if you were able to update the application using the installer?

Thank you,

i dont use any proxies, and use windows firewall.
using the provided installer did successfully update the software.
are there any suspect reasons why the other installers would not have been successful?

Hi again Lawrence, few users have reported the issue with the same version you were using, we’ll investigate on the issue, hopefully there are no update issues with future updates. If you come across this or any other issues with future updates, please let us know, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,

Sorry for necroposting, but such issue is now pursuing me as well.
I’m not really happy with 7 version, thus using 6 instead, and every time I launch Em Client popup update windows keeps bugging me.

Is there a way to turn version check off completely? Thank you.