Repeated 'server says unauthorized'

Getting and send messages ok but repeatedly get message… help

What is the EXACT error message you are receiving?
WHat version of eMC are you using?
Are you using GoDaddy?


“Please enter your username and password for [email protected]

! Server says “Unauthorized”


I dont know who hosts the domainm really. I used a web designer

Quite old… I would suggest an update.

[email protected]”… any idea what this is?

Is this “web designer” still around? Perhaps he/she can give you some assistance. I will have to punt on this problem.

thought of update before seeking help, but when I went to check for update, said “no update available”

[email protected] is email address ( is my website)

Why can’t i update? Thanks for help!

You can get the current update HERE

Be sure to backup, MENU > BACKUP, before updating.

You can update but there have been issues with the “check for update” option in the past…

It appears to me that you are entering the wrong password. Changing your email client will not help. Can you login with the link you provided with your original email? Does that work?

martes 14 septiembre 2021 :: 1101hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @provida

Here is what you need


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I purchased and uploaded version8. Still says, “server says unauthorized” and asks for password. I triple-checked my passwords, know they are correct.

Thank you. Not sure where I enter that godaddy info in emclient. all I see is host:__________ port:_____ and security policy: _________