Repeated requests for password

I have two accounts set up on my eMClient programme.

The main/default account is an account which I use almost exclusively and which functions perfectly.

The other account is a plusnet account which is rarely used but is the one which is now causing me problems.

On a regular basis I get a message from eMClient asking me to reset my password for the plusnet account as it has not been recognised by the server. I always tick the box which says to save the password but this is not preventing the problem recurring.

Why is this happening and is there something else I can do to stop it?



Hello Daddybear,

Are you able to read/send messages from your Plusnet account? I’d recommend checking any webmail settings that would prevent 3rd apps from accessing the emails on the server.


Hello Russel

Thank you for the reply.  Yes, I have always been able to send/read messages from the Plusnet account.  It has just been the password requests causing the frustration.

The Plusnet Help Team have advised me to switch off the SSL settings for both incoming and outgoing mail as they don’t support SSLs for these actions.

I have done as they suggested and in the first 24 hours there has been no repeat of the problem.  Early days yet, though, and I am planning to watch for a few weeks before deciding if the solution has been truly successful.

I will post back here then just so any other forum members who are following the thread will know what the outcome is.



Hello again Russel

As promised I am posting again to report progress on this problem.

All was well after I altered the SSL settings as previously mentioned but a couple of days ago the error box as shown in the attachment reappeared.

  1. I ensured that the SSLs were still set to off in my eMC account settings for Plusnet.

  2. I opened my webmail account for Plusnet and successfully sent an e-mail to my address in eMC.

  3. Then, lastly, I did not re-enter the password into the error box but just clicked OK.

The box went away and has not re-appeared !!

All e-mails are working fine through eMC and webmail.

Don’t know if this makes any sense to members who are more computer-savvy than me but thought it worth while to report it in case others are following the thread and having same problems.