Repeated Password required for pop-up

I am getting repeated pop-ups as below and failure to connect to this exchange account. It has worked near perfectly for 8 months but now is erroring constantly. I have checked with the provider (ex employer) and there has been no change there. I still get email via iphone outlook app or webmail but em Client is having a problem. Any advice?



This is because your email provider no longer accepts username/password logins to their server.

Please go to Menu > Accounts and remove the account.

Then click on Add Account and enter the email address in the Automatic Setup.
You will be passed to your web browser to authenticate the account, then back to eM Client where the account will have been setup with oAuth (passwordless).

Many thanks Gary,
The organisation in question uses okta for authentication for various apps they use - I’m guessing from what you’ve detailed that it is something relating to this. I was trying to aviod having to re-add the account but appreciate this is the way to go.
Thank you for your help!