Repeated Notifications for messages

When I start up emClient, I get dozens of notifications for new message coming in. I don’t really need to know audibly for several minutes that this is the case and it disturbs zoom meetings I am in etc and my focus.

Can I suggest that there is an option to do popup or sound (each individually) at every event, or once at the end of the fetch operation as a whole?

Be far less disturbing and more useful.

You can disable all sound notifications in eM Client via “Menu / Settings / General / Notifications” so you then (only have popup notification boxes) without sound. eM Client for Windows example below.

If you also don’t want any Popup notification message box, then also “check the Popup” radio option.

Thanks. But I want a notification when I get new email. Just not one a second for a minute!

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I second this.

It seems to me that I must have missed a checkbox somewhere in the settings because otherwise ALL users must be annoyed by this issue.

It cannot be the same situation for all users that they are separately notified for each new email which has arrived since the last time the emclient was open. Sometimes when I open emclient and then continue doing stuff with other applications, after a few seconds it has retrieved all new emails and starts notifying one mail after the other for minutes!

This is the only but heavily annoying behaviour I can’t properly handle with this email client (completely disabling notifications or sounds is obviously not a sensible option). Otherwise it seems absolutely great!

If you get over a certain amount of new messages, you will only get one notification that says you have, for example, 10 new messages.

If you don’t want individual notifications for just a few you receive at a time, you can disable notifications here:

Just toggle all three icons.

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Thanks for the ultraquick reply, Gary!

If you get over a certain amount of new messages, you will only get one notification

Well, I haven’t really paid attention to the number of notifications in a row after starting emclient but I could have sworn that this “certain amount” must be quite high and not just two or three messages.

I have reduced the popup hiding delay now and will pay attention the next time how many notifications I’ll get until the “summary notification message” is shown.

Feature enhancement proposal: The notification feature itself is a bit peculiar: I mean, what’s the point of showing notifications for new emails when you’ve explicitly configured emClient to look for new emails after each application start? Isn’t the typical usecase then that a user is expecting new emails anyway and actively already looks over the inbox? OK, that may differ from user to user, but I could imagine a configuration option made available to refrain from notifying for the first load of an account’s new emails IF immediate-new-mail-lookup is enabled for that very account.

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I can imagine that as well. I changed this topic to a feature request.

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