Repeated Mail Forms Mess

After creating a new mail and leave it minimized or under another window, it appears some moments after in the Drafts folder with a bold typeface as usual. That’s OK

What I find anoying is the fact that if I double click on the mail on that folder to conitnue its edition, another copy is built up. Now I have two (possibly there can be more) copies of the same drat. So If I send this last copy, the minimized one continues alive and if I “recover it” minutes later, I don’t know if I have sent it or I have to finish it. That’s truly a mess.

I think that when a draft is recalled, if there is an already open mail form linked to it, the same mail form shoud be used, not a new one.

What version of eM Client are you currently using? Does it happen to all your accounts?


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You can see this effectwith 3 of my accounts, so yes, from any account

Thank you for the info. For further instructions please contact me directly at [email protected] Thank you.