Repeated items in Unread and Follow-up

E-mails in my Unread and Flagged sections show up multiple times after a while.
I use eM Client with GMail and my GMail is set up to use labels with incoming mail.
I have included a picture of what I see.

It’s kind of annoying to see multiples of the same message.

Hi, this is unfortunately caused by your the Gmail labeling system, as Gmail assigns your email with a bunch of labels when received by the server, e.g. unread/flagged/all mail, and when using IMAP each label assigned by the server creates a Unique identifier for the message so essentially a duplicate message is created.

This is unfortunately not an issue of the application, not allowing us to improve this at the moment.

You could however avoid this when disabling the “All Mail” folder from IMAP connections as this folder contains most of the duplicates.

Thank you,