Repair Function Deleted my Inbox!

Hi there, new registered a/c, first Q: pls be gentle!

I shut down my laptop w/o logging off properly and upon next boot, I’d lost some EMc functionality. Ok.

The recommended workaround was to right-click and REPAIR the affected folder [INBOX] which I did.

EMc then stated DELETING EMAIL CONTENT. I panicked and halted the program. TOO LATE!
This AM, virtually all emails have gone and are NOT in the trash / deleted folders.

Should I have let EMc it do its thing and not panicked? Have lost everything for good?

PLease help, as this is my life’s comms and the AOL server platform isn’t good enough to use as a business tool. And, frankly, I prefer EMc to Outlook.



The repair function doesn’t delete the messages on the server. It just removes the cached content from eM Client and then resyncs it from the server.

If you login to webmail for your account and can see all the messages there, then do the repair on that folder again in eM Client.

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