reordering in a folder should preserve the selection state

I select some emails in a folder to drag them into an other folder. Meanwhile selecting them I suppose that some additional mails should be moved with the same dragging so I change the order of the mails by clicking on the From column label, Subject column label, etc.

Now the selection of the mails is lost and only one email remains selected.

My suggestions are:

  1. Reordering the email in a folder should preserve their selection status.
  2. The number of selected mails should be shown in the status bar (example: Unread: 78 Total: 100 Selected: 13)

Thanks for you note, we will fix it to one of the next updates.

This feature is still missing. Is there anything new in this issue? I does not seem to be a huge development, does it?

I am sorry for the delay - we will now focus on the fixing the selection issue and I will add the possibility to count selected mails to our feature request list.