Rename Shared Google Calendars

How can I rename shared Google calendars? I right-click on one and select rename. I give it a new name and click off it and it goes back to it’s original name.

Furthermore, in Google Calendar, they all show up as their name, ie. [First Name] [Last Name], but in eM Client, the vast majority show up as their email address.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hello Daniel, unfortunately it is not possible to rename the shared calendar in eM Client, the calendar as you’ve mentioned should show up as email address in the list of your calendar folders.


I have the exact same problem as Daniel. Is Paul’s response still true? For some reason for me most calendars appear as email addresses, but two appear as something else (in one case, the person’s name, i.e. Joe Bloggs, and in the other case, just the word ‘Work’ - presumably that person has renamed their calendar as ‘Work’).

Very grateful for any help