Rename/Delete an IMAP-Outbox-Folder of my free-mail-provider

I am using a free-mail-adress from the service “”. In Mozilla Thunderbird, this was no problem but since I am using eM Client I got an additional IMAP-folder named “OUTBOX” which I can’t rename nor delete and it also doesn’t matter if I’m using the “automatic recognition of foldernames” or not. Can you help me?

I am sorry but it is not possible at the moment - possibility to un-subscribe a folder will be available in one of the next updates. Meanwhile you can disable showing of the Outbox folder directly in your server settings but I am not sure how GMX works and if it is possible.

I have the same problem, namely to delete this ugly useless folder.
9 months later, there is still no way to get rid of this folder, isn’t it?

Hi, in 6th version you can use “Hide folder” function.


Hi John, thanks for the hint.
I already found the “Hide folder” function and in my opinion, i changed only the name from “OUTBOX” to “More >”.
I really like clean GUIs with clean programms.

So it works without problem for you?


Is it still impossible to get rid of the OUTBOX folder entry? Or can we at least get a translated version of it? E.g. I’m from germany and “OUTBOX” is called “Postausgang” here (and I use em client in with the german translation).

Hi Jeraldine, this is not possible unfortunately, Outbox is not translated, it is usually not translated due to server limitations.

Thank you for understanding,

Hi Paul,

mh, every other client translates this folder correctly (e.g. Thunderbird / Outlook 2010).



“Hide folder” unfortunately not working on nested folders, only in first branch.

Can you please go to Tools > Settings > Advanced and turn on IMAP logging for the problematic account?

  1. Save the settings
  2. Restart the application
  3. Synchronize your accounts
    When the synchronization is finished, go back to the advanced settings window and click on “Send logs” and send the logs to [email protected] with a reference link to this forum topic.

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Also can you send me a screenshot from the other applications. We believe these are just local outboxes that are translated (which are translated in eM Client as well).
The server side outboxes will not be renamed.

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E-Mail sent.

It’s not about renaming the Server side outbox, it’s just a visual thing that we have a (non localized) OUTBOX Folder (while all other folders are translated).

Btw, in which folder are new Messages stored before they are send (e.g. in offline mode (IMAP))? OUTBOX doesn’t contain anything in that case.



Hi again,
I’ve checked the logs and the screenshot, the “Postausgang” folder (e.g. translated outbox), is a local folder on Outlook/Thunderbird, you can have this exact folder in eM Client as well if you’re using Smart folders.
If you don’t have smart folders enabled currently go to Tools > Settings > General, and check the option “Show Smart folders” in order to display them.

Outbox should be visible under smart folders by default and if you’re using the application in german it will be translated to Postausgang.
This Outbox also contains all your unsent email if you’re in offline mode.

Hope this helps,