Rename attachments

If I add an attachment to a mail being under composition, well, I can not alter the name of the file. One solution would be to rename it in the file system and attach it again but this is rather uncomfortable.

For example, I use the FireShot extension for Firefox. It would be very easy to send the content of my browser window to an email party:

  • click Fireshot icon in the Firefox toolbar (this icon can be configured in a way that it would open the mail composer window with the attached screenshot file)
  • define the addresse
  • write some words in the email foirm my friend if it is necessary
  • “Send”

Fireshot can not find out the file name I want to give the file so it generates a very long and cryptic one. In order to rename it I have to

  • save the file
  • find it in the file system
  • rename
  • attach again

It would be much simpler if the context menu of the attached file would contain an item for renaming it. This should not rename the file in the filesystem just send the attachment under the new name.

Hi, is there anything about this issue?

I am sorry - we decided to not implement this feature.

I am really sorry to read this.

This seems to be a not-too-time-consuming development for me, even though, it would highly increase the comfort of eMc’s usage. If someone works with many attachable files then it is a real pain to rename the files in file system.

For example, if You are a web designer and you have dozens of versions of working drafts of a webpage layout. Such a file usually has structured name which corresponds to the designer’s (i. e. to your) working environment.

If you want to send 3 such files to the manager who does not want to parse very long file names then you have to copy the files into a new directory, rename them in order that the boss could read it easy, attach them, and after sending the email, remove the unnecessary duplicated files. This is really boring if You have to do it 10-20 times each day.

Local renaming would be much simpler.