Removing downloaded messages on ProtonMail over an IMAP connection

I have my eM client connected to protonMail via the ProtonBridge and it works well. However, I would like to clear all messages from the server once they are downloaded by eM Client and maintain them on the PC.

The IMAP configuration enables to “Download messages for offline use” but ProtonBridge doesn’t support Pop3, and thus doesn’t expose a “leave a copy of messages on the server” parameter that I could then UN-check. After the eM client has connected to ProtonMail, all messages downloaded to my PC are still found in the INBOX of the server.

Have I missed a setting? Or must I manually remove the messages?


No, you’re not missing anything, that is the way IMAP works. The messages are stored on the server, and only a cached copy is downloaded to eM Client for offline use.

What you are requesting is possible with POP3, where messages are stored on the computer and not the server.

If your server does not support POP3, another option is to move the messages from the IMAP Inbox to Local Folders Inbox and that will delete them permanently from the server during the move. You can do that manually, or you can create a Rule to do that automatically.


You will also have to create a Rule for sent messages so that they aren’t stored on the server either.