Remove underline from hyperlinks?

Is it possible to manually remove the underline from a hyperlink when composing or in signatures? If I highlight a hyperlink, it does not respond to the underline button or CTRL+U. Always underlined.

I understand the convention, but it would be useful to remove the underline for advanced formatting or in signatures. It seems an odd limitation, especially since other attributes (e.g. color, bold) can be changed.

Hi as mentioned in my previous post under another topic, this could be only achieved while using eM Client on multiple computers.

Thank you for understanding,

Thanks, Paul. I don’t understand though - how would using eM Client on multiple computers impact the formatting of hyperlinks? If that really is the case, could you provide a link to your other post?

Hi again, sorry about my previous answer, not really sure where the last part came from. This is unfortunately not possible, couldn’t be achieved while using multiple computers either.

Again sorry for the confusion and thank you for understanding,