Remove Re: when replying to messages

Hi all,
I’m working with a client who uses Outlook to handle their emails. Whenever I reply to their messages, I noticed that Emclient adds Re: in front of the subject line. I don’t mind this feature because Emclient groups emails by thread seamlessly. However, Outlook forms new threads every time I reply in this fashion because the subject line names aren’t exactly the same (due to the Re: bit).

So I’d like to know: is there a way to remove Re: completely from Emclient without needing to do it manually? If not, what solution could I propose to anyone using Outlook who notices new threads popping up every time I reply to a message?

Unfortunately you can’t remove it.

We don’t use the subject primarily for grouping conversations, but use the message headers themselves. So the fields like message-ID, References and In-Reply-To. Where we do use the subject, we ignore the prefixes like RE. So if the messages aren’t forming a conversation, probably they don’t have the necessary headers, or there isn’t enough other factors to consider them part of the conversation.

If another app isn’t grouping the conversation, you will need to ask them about it, as they could be using different methods.