Remove photo/avatar silhouette in Contacts

All my Contacts listing tiles have silhouettes for photos or avatars, which I don’t use. Is there a way to remove or suppress them? Thanks!

Hello, unfortunately silhouettes are displayed when contacts do not have an avatar or a profile picture added or uploaded on the server. It is not possible to suppress these in the application.



I just wanted to check back about this issue. Is there still no setting to remove avatars? I find it very distracting in conversation threads.


Hmmm just evaluating this product for work ,and see the lack of response to some of these issues.
We wont use it if we cant hide avatars/monograms - dont care if it needs a regiostry hack, but they have to go!

Well, it seems like a strange requirement, but you can turn them off if you really want to.

Just clear both options in settings.

thanks - I already found that - but when I uncheck these I get a horrible gray profile type circle.
Thats what I am trying to get rid of.

Maybe it’s not such a big deal after all.
Outlook 365 people manager has something like, and we can’t remove that.
A third check box “hide avatar/monogram” would do it though.
2 lines of code?
Many thanks

I definitely find the silhouette completely pointless. That is why I keep both avatar options selected, and I guess now it has become normal for me to see them there. Is that the lesser of two evils? Maybe. :slight_smile:

All of these are pointless and distracting!  I tried unchecking both boxes and got the same gray circle that Martin did.  These worthless distracting icons need to go.  They were not in the previous version!
I also notice I was assigned some random noise for this entry.  It took a little doing, but now that is gone like the avatars and initials need to be in eM Client.
Along that line, can I assign my own blank space intstead of the “avatar” or initials?