Remove multiple flags fast

I have more than 300 messages flagged. I tried to select them all and press on one flag to remove flag for all of them without success. I searched in the right-click menu but no option there. How can I fast remove the flags for all 300 emails that I have selected?

Select all the flagged emails, then go to the menu item Actions, when you’ll see Follow Up in the list: uncheck the tick box next to it.  A bit idiosyncratic, I agree: the context menu would be the more consistent place to find this.

Hope this helps…Neil

Hey Neil. Many Thanks. That worked.
I’ve looked into the menu also, but I would never think that “Follow Up” would be for flag/unflag.

I also just found that you can select all the flagged emails and then just hit the Insert key - does the same job.


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Cosmin, no trouble. And yes, the use of Follow Up rather than Flagged is also a bit confusing


Do you know if there is a way to mark this question as answered?

'fraid not

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