remove local folders

i instaled this solution yesterday and i’m loving it, but it imported all local folders, and i don’t want emails from there. How can i remove these email from eM

If you don’t want the emails in local folders, just delete them.

But be aware that there is a difference between Local Folders, and your account folders.

In this example My IMAP account , is not a local folder. They are synced folders from the server. If you delete those emails, you delete them from the server also.

Local Folders , are local. If you don’t want to see the Local Folders tree you can disable them in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Local Folders.

Tx. Just found that suggestion in a past topic by you.
I have added the local folder option, added a new DL ( :grinning: ) and sent a mail to another account.
Success !!
I’ll investigate further to see about the syncing and airsync at a later date.

Tx for your patience and help.