Remove Label(s)

Over the years I introduced a plenty of labels (Mails, Contacts, etc.) Now, some of them are obsolete, or I want to reorganize the elements. Apparently, there is no option to delete a label as such (NOT the elements using them!). Even if a label is apparently not in use (no elements labeled), the Option ‘delete’ is grayed out in the label-Management…
So the suggestion was:

  • an opportunity to see, all the elements using the label (of each element category) at once
  • deleting the label would remove the labels on the assigned elements (maybe with an option to assign another one(s))
    If I miss there something, please let me know :slight_smile:

You can delete tags (Menu >> Tags). Select a tag and edit it, delete it, etc. Double click a tag, change its color or use it for (assign it to) one or more panels (Mails, Events, Tasks, Contacts, Notes). Or click on any of these panels to see which tags were assigned to them.

This been said, a tag is greyed out and you can’t delete it if (among others I believe):

  • It is used by another activity.

  • Or it was assigned by your mail provider or by an outside mail application (for example by Gmail). In Gmail for example, you can manage labels under Settings, categories, Manage labels).
    Depending on your eM Client version and your email provider, you can disable/override “external” tags: Menu >> Accounts >> [Select your account] > IMAP >> Tags >> tick the option “Show only locally defined tags”.

  • Or you have a rule set up that sets this tag.

  • Or this tag comes from a holiday calendar, for example, that is read-only. You won’t be able to delete a single event an need to remove the whole holiday calendar (if you do not wish to see its events).

Finally, is there any information in Menu >> Operations window regarding the delete attempt?

Hope it helps.

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