Remove duplicates found in all imap account

Is it possible that the deduplicator find duplicates in all IMAP account? I mean if the same message XXXX in in Inbox and another folder it would find it.

Hi Fernando, yes you should be able to achieve this by using the “search for duplicate over a group of folders” instead of each individual folder.
Then select the folders you want the deduplicator to be run through and it should find your duplicates.

Hope this helps,

ok perfect Paul, I had not understood how to selected multiple folders, now I got it. Another question: When I run deduplicator in 2 folders, which one will be the one that will keep the copy of the email?

Hi again Fernando, after the deduplicator is run, you can review the performed actions and select which email will be kept.
Just click on the number of duplicates found in the final window and select action based on your preference.


I still don’t get it. When i do the search for a group folders, the results show only emails in one folder. I mean, if I compare the inbox with sent it shows up: email XXXX folder Inbox. I mean, it found a duplicate in the same folder, not between inbox and sent. Then I have the option to keep or erase, but that doesn’t work like “keep inbox, delete sent”. Do you get it?

ok I’ve done it in an imap account and it worked. Problem: 3400 duplicates and I would have to set the right folder for each one of it. Impossible. is it possible to set just one time which is the folder to keep?

Hi again Fernando, that’s unfortunately not possible in eM Client, you’d have to manually select the action for each of the duplicates.

Maybe in future releases,