Remove cached email address from dropdown

When I’m creating a new email and typing in the recipient name I like that it offers drop down choices.  But it continually offers one that looks like an LDAP entry and I’d like to delete it.  In Outlook I simply use the arrows and walk over the selection and delete it.  That keeps it from showing in my dropdown list of suggestions.  How can I make it go away in EM Client?  I double checked the contact entry and it only has the one correct email.  Here is a link to the screenshot.


Hello Dale, cached suggestions can be removed by clicking the red cross icon in the dropdown or in Tools > Settings > Mail > Compose > Clear recipients/View recipients. Unfortunately it seems like the contact that you’re focused on in the screenshot (Exchange Group) seems to be a remote contact saved in one of your contacts folder, you can remove this contact only directly in the appropriate folder as it doesn’t seem to be fetched recipient.


This has not helped.  I have installed eM Client on a completely new machine with a completely new google account.  I only have 12 contacts in this account and I have verified every one of them to contain a single email address.  Yet I’m still offered many and no way to remove them.  Where are these coming from?  In the following link to my screenshot you will see they are all for the same person but several different addresses.  I’ve searched my inbox and sent email and those emails do not exist in any email.…

Very aggravating seeing them every time I create a new email.


Hello Dale,
that is a rather curious problem, are you sure you don’t have any of these contacts saved somewhere in your computer, perhaps a different application that would download some kind of global contacts data file for you? eM Client shouldn’t be able to get contacts from anywhere else but your accounts contact list and addresses of emails you sent.

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