Remove attachment path

Is it possible to remove full attachment path?
I generate a PDF from my ERP program and as a result I get the whole path to the file from my local computer. I would like the PDF to be attached to the email with the file name instead of the whole path to the file.
Please help.

If you attach a file, the file is embedded in the message when it is sent, and there is no reference to the original location.

If you paste a link to the file in the message, then the link will be in the message. But probably the recipient won’t be able to click on it unless they are on the same network as you and have access to that directory.

I generate a file from Comarch ERP XL with the name of some document.
As a result, the attached file downloads the whole path from the system.

Outlook and Thunderbird attach the file with the correct file name without the path.

Ah, I see. That means the app that is generating the file is using the path as part of the file name. It is something you will need to investigate with the ERP app vendor.

As I mentioned above, in Outlook and Thunderbird this problem does not occur, i.e. the file name does not contain the whole path. Has anyone encountered this problem before and successfully resolved it somehow on the emclinet side?

Please look at your screenshot. The path is in the filename. Only the ERP app can name the file, so please reach out to them for assistance with changing the way it does that.

Gary thanks for your help btw.
Please see how the same document generated from ERP is saved as an attachment in Outlook. Only the name of the document remains here. I would like to achieve the same effect in em Client.

If you look at the message source for the eM Client one, you will see that the ERP probably gives two names for the file. One is what it will be saved as, and one is what it will be displayed as. It is possible that some other apps don’t use the display name correctly. But that is not according to specification so actually a bug with that app.

Please contact the ERP vendor for assistance with the way they generate the attachment.