remove address from the automatic spam filter / junk email list

how do I remove someone from my junk email list? I accidentally added a client to my junk email address list and need to reverse it. Now all her emails go to junk and I am missing them…

actually there are two ways how to do it:

  1. Tools - Rules - Blacklist - select the address and remove it.
  2. go to Junk folder - select the mail (multiple mails) and click “Move to Inbox and remove blacklisted email/domain”

I’m using version 5.0.17595.0. Every time I get a message from Twitter, it goes to junk mail. I’ve tried clicking both remove blacklisted email and remove blacklisted domain and neither stops the emails from being sent to junk mail. I’ve looked under Tools-Rules and there is no Blacklist. What should I do to fix this?

Maybe there is a server sided rule causing this - please check it. You can also send me one of the problematic messages saved as .eml at

 The address that I am looking for is not in the Blacklist.  I don’t see a Junk Folder.  When I go to the message and right click on it, there is nothing about removing from blacklist or junk.  When the email is opened, Move to Junk is an option and it’s already in junk.

Hi Brian,
is it possible that you blacklisted this address on your server and through other device? If so, you cannot make the change through eM Client but on the server/other device.