Reminders issue

Hi there,
It is happening to me that from time to time calendar reminders apperar but sometimes it don’t. In general it happen after I’ve click over “Ignore All” it means after that none new events are poped up.

Could you please help?

PS: I’m ussing Google Calendar.

Could be your Google Calendar in eM Client is “Out of Sync” with your online Google calendar and needs to be repaired.

“Right click” on “Calendar” directly under your Google calendar and click “Properties” at the bottom.

Then click the “Repair” tab at the top and click “Repair”.

Note:- Backup eM Client first via “Menu / Backup” incase you have any issues.

If the Calendar repair still doesn’t make any differance, i would next be checking that you have the latest version of eM Client via the version history page, and update if you have an outdated version. Failing that suggest to remove & re-add your Gmail acct and start new.



Hi there,
I’ve made that lots of times and I’m not pretty sure if that fix the issue temporary, I mean… I will do that as soon as I detect it will happens again but suddly at the moment I have to do that I will loose my meetings because of lacking of reminders.

Let me know if there something we can do about because deep down inside and if you think about this this something is not working propertly and “Repair” is the solution… shoudn’t be like that.


I also use Google Calendar reminders and have no issue with it using the latest eM Client versions. If your Calendar reminders are still intermittant even after repairng the calendar, then yes you have some other issue.

The the next step as i mentioned above would be too completely remove your Gmail acct and re-add as new. You won’t loose any calendar data as everything is in your Google Calendar online which will mirror in eM Client when you re-add your Gmail account. Backup first though via “Menu / Backup”.

It may have something to do with your Windows Action Centre settings.

In eM Client, go to Menu > Settings > General > Notification and disable System Notifications.
This will let eM Client give the notifications rather than Windows.
See if there is any difference.

Yeah I did that some days ago when I’ve realized Windows captures the pop up window and didn’t undertand it,


This is not the problem because still failing after that… I’ve noted if I press “Repair” button the loose pop-ups appear…

Hi there… I made that I mean I removed the account once and still happens from time to time… could be something related to Google Workspace Enterprise?