Reminders - Anyone but me use more than 1?

Does anyone other than me use more than one reminder for a calendar event?
The first one can get missed - well if you’re as old and deaf as me! LOL
Gmail has unlimited reminders, and methods of issuing them.  Very handy thing.
I don’t know how others work, but it sure doesn’t seem complicated.  And even if not unlimited, perhaps more than one?  

The Calendar App on my mobile (Calengoo) supports multiple alerts for an event which I use for critical reminders, usually a few hours ahead for the first and 15 minutes for the last reminder.

Useful when you have to prepare for an event.

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I was hoping that I’d be able to use just 1 app but I’m thinking this may be a real issue for me.  Thanks for the mention of what you use, I may have to go that route.

In reading the forums here (which I have spent more hours doing than I care to admit!) I have noticed that a fair bit of the issues have involved using the Gmail web client and EMC sending/receiving and making changes in both places.  I certainly can imagine how complex the sync function must have been to put in place and that holes may still remain.  I’m ok with that, I hate Gmail LOL  So I either have to change how I do things and live with 1 reminder, or use a second app.  Again I find myself wishing that an extension framework had been a priority for the folks at EMC in it’s initial design.  I would HAPPILY write the code to make extensions to ease a lot of the frustrations I’ve read here.  Free labor, no-brainer?

Thanks again for the reply!

I’d also very much like to be able to Create and edit events with many reminders in eM Client, in which, I am my currently subscribed to my Apple iCloud Calendar; and be able to sync events with multiple reminders from my iCloud Calendar. Before finding the great app, eM Client, and currently, I have been using on my apple devices; Multiple reminders in both all-day; and regular events; because I am very forgetful, and because I have to coordinate with my busy partner, who needs a reminder or two a few days before an many events.

When I create events in my apple, and other calendars, which are synced with iCloud calendar; and now, thankfully with eM Client, which I am currently evaluating for paid use; I like to create events at the start of some appointments; and duplicate the event, and make that duplicate into an additional all-day event, so that it will be prominently at the top of my calendar, With the all-day Event, I have, reminders a few days before and on the day of the event; about the time my partner and I are likely to have gotten up from bed, for the day; so we can discuss the appt.

With the time-speific event, I often have a reminder an hour or two before the appt. time, so I can make final preparations . I also have, though they can stay on my apple devices, a reminder that autmatically reminds me when it is time to leave for the appt. I tell you this, so you may be able to properly import the event, -I don’t know how you have to handle those events; I assume you have to know how to ignore that reminder. Apple Calendar, on my iPhone and old 2008 iMac, allows one to put the location of the appt. in a field, and select 'Time To Leave; to set this reminder;

Thanks, Much for doing a great job, so far!

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