Reminder window crashes eM client

Upon program launch, reminder window with event reminders pops out. Clicking snooze or dismiss crashes em client, so does opening an occurring event (which is in the reminder window). The only bypass, that enables me to use the program is to close the reminder window with the X button in the top right corner.

what version of eM Client are you using? does the application freeze or does it shut off immediately?
How long is this issue happening?



Version is 6.0.20055.0 (updated it after chat discussion with your support personnel). App freezes for s econd or two than I get the crash report window. Here is the crash log:…

I have been having this issue for a week or two maybe.

I’m sorry you’re experiencing this issue, we’ve acknowledged it and we’re trying to find a solution, it should be fixed in a next update.
I hope this doesn’t affect your opinion on eM Client.

thank you and please be patient,

Hi Paul,

i just noticed that I am getting a reminder for events, that I have deleted. When a reminder for an event, that is still in the calendar is added to the reminder window, everything works as usual. I can dismiss it or snooze it or open it normally. But if I try to do this for the two reminders for deleted events (one could even be a task), program crashes.

we’ve come across this issue but we were unable to replicate it, can you please go to your local folder and show hidden folders by going to View > Show hidden folders.

There should be a folder called App Data.

Go to App Data > Roaming > eM Client.
There’s a lot of database files, for successfully replicating and fixing the issue you’re experiencing we need you to send us all of the files, except the ones that start with ‘mail’ (mail_data.dat etc.).

Can you please archive all of the ones that don’t start with mail and send it to my email [email protected] or upload it somewhere and send me the link to my email.

Thank you very much,