Remember the Milk (RTM) task sync

Would be awesome to get Remember the Milk (RTM) sync capabilities.

I agree! Love RMT and would love to integrate it with eM Client!

I also use Remember the Milk for my tasks. If em Client had a good plug in for RTM to sync with em Client Tasks, it would be a selling point for both applications.

I already buy the RTM Pro each year and if em Client was able to integrate RTM Tasks with em Client Tasks, I would buy the pro version of that too.

I love Gmail and the em Client is a great desktop client for that. Gmail tasks are horrible and I do not use them.

It would be great if RTM and em Client got together they, along with a Gmail account, would recreate the entire Outlook set of features. Since em Client already has IMAP and Exchange support, they could sell this combo to a lot of small companies and consumers that do not to shell out for MS Office.

Echoing the above.  I now use eM client on all of my Windows 7 boxes, and also pay for RTM Pro. Having to boot up Firefox to add a task is a bit of overkill IMO, but eMClient is *always* open!