Remember the layout for each screen resolution

It’s been a while there was a ticket asking for saving the layout per screen resolution. I struggle with it daiy while switching from laptop to external monitor. Every time I switch from one resolution to another (laptop to monitor), I MUST rearrange the eM Client layout. It’s so annoying! While it’s so easy to save pairing of the layout setup with specific resolution and apply it once this resolution is recognized. WHY it is till not implemented?! There are so many simple hacks to make this application much more usable! And you waste your time and money for so useless and expensive features like a theme editor for example. Think of yourself!!! Change the product owner… do something and bring people what they really want and need!

Why don’t you look up the owner’s address on their web site and write them a letter. Most of us here are volunteers…

The vendor comes to this forum daily. So it is adressed to him not to the volunteers of this forum at all. I guess this is the proper way how to talk to vendor. Imagine everybody starts mailing them :wink:

Yes, the forum is monitored. The CEO even commented, and corrected me, on this specific issue. :wink:

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The poster, appeared to me, to be getting a little ‘heated’ so I suggested an alternative. Whether the vendor comes to this forum daily was not an inference on my part nor something I am privy to.


I guess the posting of the address on the web site is in effect an ‘invitation’ to use that as an option. Not something I would use.

Hopefully this will not turn into an ongoing debate, as that was not the intention!

Got it, thanks. No need of another duscussion. Have a nice day :slight_smile: